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Steps to Login

You would receive two pin mailers seperately from Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait, after your application is approved and processed

a) Internet Banking User id,
b) Login password and Transaction passwor

Check that the pin mailers are received in a sealed condition, else please contact our Customer Care Centre(+91 40 32555530) or email us at

* Key in the user id and password (using virtual keyboard) on the website and press LOGIN
* After that, the system would prompt for change in passwords.
* Your password must be atleast 8 characters as per our password policy
* We recommend you to change both transaction and login password, immediately after first login
* Don't share these passwords. * Passwords are case sensitive.
* Your internet banking account is locked in case of 5 wrong tries on entering user id and password.
* Always log out and close the browser, when you have finished your activities.

Maximise Internet Banking Security

BBKINDIA uses the sophisticated multi layered architecture with digital certification from Verisign and 128 bit encryption facility to ensure security of your online transactions and confidentiality of your data.However the following information is provided as a guide to assist you in protecting the information on your computer. It is not an exhaustive list and is intended for information purposes only.

* You need to enter your Internet Banking User id and password each time you access your internet banking account. Since your access is protected by this password it is very important that you protect your password, by making it known ONLY to you.
* The system prompts you to change the password on first time login. We recommend that you change both login and transaction password.
* Your password must be atleast 8 characters.
* Passwords are case sensitive.
* Do not use your date of birth, telephone number, address, your name or the name of a friend or relative in your password.
* Your internet banking account is locked in case of 5 wrong tries on entering user id and password.
* Passwords are case sensitive.
* Change your password regularly.
* Ensure that you are not observed while entering the password.
* Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in to BBKINDIA
* Always Logoff from Internet Banking upon completion of your session. Use the Log out button for closing the session. It is preferable not to shut the window to Log off.
* Disable the option on browsers for storing user names and passwords. You can refer to the help section available on your browser for instructions